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Bread Machine Heat Gun by BoyntonStu
My BM/HG Coffee Roaster made TV News! (bread machine/heat gun)

Take a $3.00 Bread machine from GoodWill.

Wire up the motor as shown in this forum.

I used a 29 cent wall switch to control the motor.

I ground the stirrer length a little to prevent beans from jamming

between the stirrer and the wall dimple of the tub.

BM must have a metal stirrer and a metal base.

Find a piece of 1/8" aluminum to cover the tub.

I found an inner plate from a sandwich toaster at GoodWill 25 cents.

A $9.95 Harbor Freight heat gun.

A $0.79 hose clamp.

A $4.95 stem thermometer

Drill and file a hole to accept the front of the heat gun.

Stick the heat gun into the hole and fix it there with the hose clamp.

To roast:

Turn on stirrer and 1050 hi setting of heat gun.

Within 1 minute the thermometer will read 450*.

The cover keeps the heat in and prevents blow back

heat from ruining the heat gun.

Dump in beans and use hi/lo or off the control the temp.

Temp will be within 10*.

Second crack under 10 minutes,

Grab tub with gloves and dump into cooler.

Next batch is ready to go.,
boyntonstu attached the following image:
Heat Gun BM15 with  thermometer[215].jpg

Edited by Dan on 07/26/2007 08:47

Thanks for entering the contest. Can we get some added pictures of your roaster?

We would love to see the process in putting it together, looks really cool.



Here's some
boyntonstu attached the following image:
Bread Machine Mod small[217].jpg
Notice the second switch on the right.

It can switch on the 500 Watt internal heater.

It is never used because the 1,500 Watt HG in combination with the

aluminum cover is all th heat that I needed.

I suggest using only one switch.
boyntonstu attached the following image:
First Bread machine roast small[218].jpg

Edited by boyntonstu on 06/26/2007 04:13
A nice batch
boyntonstu attached the following image:
Coffee oil test just roasted small[220].jpg

I really like the look of your roaster. The second bean photo also looks real nice.

I'm curious how do you dump the beans for cooling? (I've never used a bread machine before).

Again, nice job!
Thanks Tom, good question.

Using oven mitts grab the wire loop attached the tub, remove tub with a slight twist and dump beans into cooler.

It takes about 5 seconds.


Great photo post roast. Do you perchance recall the bean that was roasted? The roast looks 100% even.

Nice job.

Eddie Dove

The South Coast Coffee Roaster
vita non est vivere sed valere vita est
Home Coffee Roasting Blog and Reference
And how much can it roast in one batch?

well done Stu, send all the pictures you can, they are great!!

My heatgun is identical to yours, only mine is green. I'm on my third one since I started the breadmaker roasting. My experience has been that these guns don't do well placed vertical, as in your picture, due to the rising heat. I've got to have mine at an angle or have a fan blowing on it to keep cool.

Have you had any trouble like that?


I think this contest may go like eBay bids... many will wait till the last second to get in the game!!!
Well, I certainly have. I have gone through three Wagner 775s because the heat came back up into the intake opening and fried the fan! Shock

I think Stu said elsewhere that the way the heat comes out from under the deflector plate, it gets directed away from the return.s:2
1> IICRC The beans are Costa Rica Hard from CCMCoffee in Tampa FL.

The brisk stirring of the paddle and the fluid heating blast from the heat gun, keep all batches uniform. I buy from SM and CCM.

2> I usually roast 1/2 pound at a time. I believe that it will roast 1 pound ore more. It takes less tha 10 minutes a week to keep me supplied with fresh roasted beans. It heats up in less than 1 minute and I can maintain temp to withing +- 10 * quite easily.

3> There is NO heat damage to the heat gun. Only 1/8" of the tip is exposed below the aluminum cover plate. If it ever wears out I have a spare Harbor Freight HG that I bought for $9.95 on sale down from $19.95.

I hope that others will try this method. I have no plans to improve or to mod this design.

(I am working on a really simple and effective bean cooler)



P.S. Look for 2 other videos about my American Inventor idea posted by BoyntonStu on YouTube.

Also at see my $100 elevator
Edited by boyntonstu on 07/01/2007 09:17
boyntonstu wrote:
Look for 2 other videos about my American Inventor idea posted by BoyntonStu on YouTube.
Also at see my $100 elevator

Man, you are really hard-core, Stu! s:2 s:1
With the bread machine tub covered and the blast from the heat gun directed into the beans inside the tub, the heat goes in rather than out.

In upward directed heat gun systems, the hot air goes through the beans and is lost out of the system and into the environment.

Not a big electric bill difference for small batches, but I believe that the heat savings of a 'closed' system is substantial.

In very cold weather, the extra retained heat is very useful.

Another comment:

If the roaster is small and lightweight it can be easily taken outside. Observing the chaff snowfall and smelling the roast is a pleasure not to be missed.


Edited by boyntonstu on 07/16/2007 07:52

Really clean and simple. Great look. Your presentation is excellent.

Thanks for the entry.


Awesome job, Stus:2...makes me want to switch from my CO/UFO, if I was only mechanically inclined...:|
Rob J
boyntonstu wrote:

IICRC The beans are Costa Rica Hard from CCMCoffee in Tampa FL.

Please tell us more about ccmcoffee -- their prices sure look interesting.


boyntonstu wrote:
Notice the second switch on the right.

It can switch on the 500 Watt internal heater.

It is never used because the 1,500 Watt HG in combination with the

aluminum cover is all th heat that I needed.

I suggest using only one switch.

I like the plate on yours and plan on putting one on mine, should decrease the roast time and make it more consistent.

I had also thought about rolling up a metal tube to slip over the end of the heat gun to extend it down further in the roaster.

I was at Grizzly here in Spfd, MO today and saw an 1800 watt heat gun for $19.99

It had a dial on the back to select the heat setting. It must have controlled a thermostat as it wasn't turning an air damper. I think I will go back and get one this weekend.

BM's are a great concept for roasting and could be made more hands off like yours is. I have roasted about 15 roasts in mine now and doubt I will ever use my Caffe Rosto again except for sample roasts.

Thanks for all your ideas and to "seedlings" for his help on my stirring paddle made from wire like his.

Edited by David on 03/20/2008 22:22
Columbian - Kenya AA
Hey, Pete! I was really glad to hear your breadmaker is up and running! Why not start a thread with a picture of your new setup, including the stirrer?

Oh, and you won't need the heat any closer to the beans with a lid.

Don't put the cart before the horse. Put the horse in the cart and listen to him say "weeeee" all the way down the hill.
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