September 23 2014 01:17:24
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09/11/2014 19:06
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09/22/2014 12:06
welcome2 New member tim storey thanks for joining!

09/22/2014 12:04
Welcome jesrix to Homeroasters!

09/22/2014 07:05
Or, increase the load to 650g

09/22/2014 03:43
I have to re-learn my roast profiles since moving to my new house. The wiring is modern and I have to back off on the power.

09/21/2014 14:13
Hello JoshuaBeans Welcome to Homeroasters! pouring

09/21/2014 14:12
welcome2 kolu to Homeroasters!

09/21/2014 04:05
Welcome cds Thanks for joining!

09/20/2014 14:45
Enjoy that steak Ginny! tiki

09/20/2014 11:57
Allen, I appreciate you guys standing in for me these last weeks. LOVE TO ALL -g beach with golden locks flowing...

09/20/2014 11:55
no wind, about 76 on the decks and the tri-tip will be slapped onto the BBQ anytime rare, more rare and huge salad. it will be a day or two before I get more real food... beach

09/20/2014 09:57
Morning g! Whats cooking? bbq

09/19/2014 14:30
Jack, I fixed it; something stupid... -g

09/19/2014 14:29
Thanks to Tom, Marko and JimG for the help! You guys have really done a service for us, thank you... beach

09/19/2014 11:02
ALL NEW MEMBER - welcome cup and thank you for joining...

09/19/2014 10:15
scimdy welcome2 thanks for joining us...