July 29 2014 03:40:58
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Micro sized All-IN-One
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Gene Cafe Heating Element L...
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Thanks Brad, Jim, and Artis...
Dataloggers/Controllers/Rate of Rise Meters
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07/20/2014 17:26
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Koffee Kosmo
07/28/2014 18:05
Last days ON the Raffel Open to one and all I have got my entry in Have you ? PS - I can't claim a prize as an administrator but my donation counts ThumbsUp

07/28/2014 14:48
Hello Go-Joe Welcome to Homeroasters! pouring

07/27/2014 16:38
Welcome EJ12_25 to Homeroasters!

07/26/2014 05:25
get your raffle tickets, we have one week to go... cool

07/25/2014 15:31
aftergr Welcome

07/25/2014 15:28
igorbarros Welcome

07/25/2014 12:19

07/25/2014 08:02
I see him. I'll bet they could have fit a 1200 kilo drum in that room. Maybe on their next upgrade? Roflmao

Koffee Kosmo
07/25/2014 06:54
This is a roaster can you spot the man ? http://dailycoffe.

07/22/2014 15:28
Welcome to new member zhensley! welcome cup

07/21/2014 17:45
welcome cup hkeienr Enjoy the forums! pouring

07/21/2014 13:35
Welcome Mark Ardagna thanks for joining!

07/21/2014 11:32
ericbusby welcome2

07/21/2014 05:15
Come folks, let's sell more tickets for this super raffle... cool

07/21/2014 01:52
Welcome to Homeroasters new member cyberelectronics welcome2