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Posted by oldgearhead on 05/23/2011 13:59

Brewer to Roaster Project

There will be two modules. Module 1 consists of the skin of an old Bloomfield stainless steel air pot brewer. The top of the old brewer will be modified to hinge up and down and the old brew head ring will be removed. Then the ‘heat funnel’ will be installed in the stainless steel base, and after a hole is cut out of module 2 (Blue Wooden Box), module 1 will be bolted to module 2.

Module 2 will house these items:
1) One 1-1/2 HP in-line (rubber boot) spa blower.
2) One lot of 2 inch PVC air supply tubing
3) One lot of 1.62” id aluminum heater tubing.
4) One Master Heat Gun HAS-043K element.

• The top of the roast chamber will have a Zach & Dani’s chaff catcher and screen.
• Cooling will be done in the RC.
• Beans will be evacuated via air and ‘J’ tube.
• Heat recycling will be tried.
• Yes it will be 220 VAC (in case I need to add another heater.

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