Thread subject: :: Brewer to Roaster..blower question...

Posted by oldgearhead on 05/24/2011 06:22

tra757 wrote:
Looks cool.

I am a little concerned about your heater though. I am using two 1440 watt heating elements heating about 30 CFM and it is barely enough for a 12 ounce charge. I think if you are going for a 1 pound roaster you should think about a 5kw heater and 10kw if you are shooting for a 2 pounder. You will need to power it with 220v as that will over tax a 120v 20 amp circuit. Your base is large enough for an electric dryer element, which would prolly be the easiest for your heating needs. Keep those pictures coming.

Thanks tra. My design load is 720 grams. and 220 VAC. I want to simply fill 2 quart 'Mason' jars at the end of each roast. In fact I fill 2 quart jars now with my Z/D's plus cooler, but it takes an hour.
Are your elements side-by-side or in-line?

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