Thread subject: :: Brewer to Roaster..blower question...

Posted by oldgearhead on 05/24/2011 10:18

seedlings wrote:
Love the design!

Side-by-side or in-line won't make a difference as far as heat transfer. Mine are side-by-side.

You'll need good control of air flow - what's the plan for controlling the spa blower?


Chad, thanks for that info. I plan on putting the heater inside a 1.62" id aluminum tube, and leaving room for an additional (in-line) heater.

The blower runs pretty smoothly (unloaded) down to 25 VAC on a varible auto-transformer. I may try a router controller later on in the development, or maybe a 2HP DC drive. It's a brush motor, so maybe it will run on DC? Furthermore, I have orfice control of both the air supply inlet (2.0" PVC) and the hot air exit at the top of the RC (3.0" aluminum tube).
This blower really rocks!

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