Thread subject: :: Brewer to Roaster..blower question...

Posted by dja on 05/25/2011 11:14

oldgearhead wrote:
Module 2 will house these items:
1) One 1-1/2 HP in-line (rubber boot) spa blower.
2) One lot of 2 inch PVC air supply tubing
3) One lot of 1.62 id aluminum heater tubing.
4) One Master Heat Gun HAS-043K element.


Line three bothers me, I think that you should reconsider using aluminum tubing, You have to remember those elements are capable of a thousand degrees each. Aluminum is a great or as great as copper at transfering heat and cold.

If it was me I would look for some stainless steel tubing or go to a muffler shop and get a hunk of tail pipe that has been swagged on one end so that you will have a slip together joint which will make it a lot easier to install the heating elements into.

Another item that you are going to have to consider is what are you and how are you going to wire them. you will need some wire with High Temp Insulation. enough to at least get the leads out of the tube.

The above is somethings that I would look at very closely, I take it that with that type blower you are going for a stright inline from blower inlet to roast chamber setup.

What would work great with that big bottom cabinet is get a muffler shop to bend you a 180 and then get two short sections that have been swagged put the coils in the two short sections, and if you used two 180's you could keep it all in a small package insulate the heck out of it.

only problem I see is them wires how to get em out of the tubes.

I have a idea that just hit me let me do some tinkering, I'll get back to you on this subject in a day or two.

I like the setup its going to build a really nice roaster from the looks of things.