Thread subject: :: Brewer to Roaster..blower question...

Posted by oldgearhead on 05/25/2011 12:36

I was planning to simply cross-drill the manifold in a few places and bring the wires out about an inch behind the element. I also was not planning to bolt the element to the manifold, but to rig the element with ceramic spacers, so it can't touch the mica-insulated manifold wall, install the element, and then install cross-bolts to stop for/aft movement. Also I will cover the heated portion of the manifold with high-temp insulation.

I have a couple of feet of high temp wire here someplace.

My inlet air tubing (2" PVC) will have 2 ell's in the lower module and pull atmosphere from the top rear area of the brewer head.

I need 1.62" to fit over my 'funnel' neck. What are your concerns with aluminum? Do you think it might burn? (I'm working out the air flow proving switch right now. Power is withheld from heater until air is proven).

'Funnel' as seen by the HC:

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