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Grill Roaster
Greetings all.

I'm a semi-poster/lurker on the SM-List, CG, and Home-Barista. Been roasting for three or so years, primarily in a WBPI. Now, I'm roasting more frequently for friends in the 1# range. So, confession: I've had all the requisite parts for assembling the grill roaster for better than a year. But, life with children proves to interrupt many projects. Since I'm more frequently spending about an hour a whack for the pounders, I'm making the switch - for the family :-)

I've been digging for a few answers that I haven't found. Here they go:

1) Diffuser: how many of you grill roasters use heat diffusers? start without and add later, or better to go full at first?

2) I'm using a SS perforated trashcan that has vanes welded in. I've got two potential caps: a flue cover, black, from the hardware store and a metallic seive. The seive is a bit bigger, but could work. The cap fits perfectly, but composition is unknow, and therefore, I worry a bit. Which one? And a follow-up: how to best affix the cap to the drum while allowing a quick and painless removal for duming? I'm looking for SS collars with hex set screws as one possibility. Suggestions?

Thanks to all and happy roasting,

aka virginiacoffee
As for question 2b, I've come up with a solution. I've found some steel set collars that I will likely have welded to a sleeve of some sort that will then weld to the base of the can.

Rest - still open. Pitfalls with above - let me know.

Thanks, and happy roasting!

aka virginiacoffee

Sounds interesting, post a picture if you get a chance.

It'll likely be a few weeks. We have a sudden, significant illness in the family, and the machine shop stays busy with larger work. But I will certainly post some pics once I have the chance.

Jason :

welcome and nice to see you and good post.

What are you asking about>>> Diffuser<<< with the grill? Something around?
My brain is note retrained yet for some conversation.

Hi Jason, Welome to the list smile
Sounds like you have an interesting project.
Sorry about the illness in your family. Hope all goes well.
First, in my experience, the 'black' flu part is just painted steel. It should work but remove the paint, but then it may rust.
Looking through my garage I am amazed at the diversity of SS cookware, bowls and strainers I have picked up from thrift stores for less than a dollar.. usually a quarter or less.
If you haven't yet, take some measurements for what you need and go thrift store shopping c:1
To make a door you may need to do some cutting, and then affix the cut out part in place with a hinge and some sort of latch opposite.
I am finally getting lots of use out of the Dremel I have had for years. They are very handy for projects like this.s:2
Also, from what I have read, it is better to have a diffuser from the beginning. Some have reported finding perforated tiles made for BBQ grills for this purpose.
Good luck with your project, and please post picturess:2

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ginny - diffuser: metal plate or fire bricks used to hold and radiate heat toward the beans/drum.

peterz - seems like I've heard folks in the past using a cookie sheet, if it fits. I know a doc on the rkdrums site recommends a piece of steel. As for the bricks, haven't seen them. Would a bigbox store have them, or a more dedicated/high end place?


aka virginiacoffee
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