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Nyeri Tambaya and Nicaragua Maragogipe
I have not been enjoying life for almost two weeks. Cramming for an eight hour mandatory course, burning the midnite oil. Gotta get my Class A VA builders license. Have a lot of church groups want to come here to help build. Got thru it Sat at 5 PM. Still have the biggie to go thru in next few weeks. Teacher said I shot everyone's curve and I'm celebrating this morning!

Tom's 93.5 cupping Kenya Nyeri Tambaya and Milknmycoffee's Nicaraguan Maragogipe, what a combo, Had to make it 4/2 ratio. The Maragogipe just drips honey and chocolate so it is easy to overpower in a blend.
Judy took one sip before she headed to church. Late this AM because of time change. "Mmmmm, I still taste a lot of fruit in background".
And you know it was still great after she came back. When coffee is good temperature don't matter as much.

Funny thing about Maragogipe. Very puzzling. Roasted it very light. It still is a chocolate bomb!
Milknmycoffee, you're onto something! Thanks!
What a fascinating blend....I would never have thought to try that combination. I don't really blend much anyway, lacking both imagination and courage I suppose. Now I am intrigued..and since I have both coffees I might just try it.

It is amazing how good coffee can sit around for hours and still taste good.

The Maragogipe has a very dense gritty body and so much chocolate that it really powerful even in the lighter roasts. I have not found any other chocolaty coffees that have quite the same dense gritty body. A few come close but are still not the same. I really think it is a bean that does well at any roast though...so I would be curious to hear what you get out of it at darker roasts.

Glad you enjoyed drinking on the 'light side'. My meager attempt to pay back the favor you did for me: introducing me to what dark roasts should taste like!

Congrats on blowing the test grading curve...and good luck on the big one. I am sure that you will do well...just make sure you have some coffee before it! Sounds like you are working on a wonderful project that will really be appreciated.
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