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Android Roasting App
Does anyone think this is applicable?

An LG VUE roasting App? I'm IN!!!

Roaster: CoffeeAir II 2# DIY air roaster
Grinder: Vintage Grindmaster 500
Brewers: Vintage Cory DCU DCL, Aeropress, Press, Osaka Titanium pourover
How would the hdmi jack play into this? Scott
As far as I know, that is just an output port. Hd video plus sound.


freshbeans wrote:
How would the hdmi jack play into this? Scott

You guys thinking the app could use the camera and OCR to get the reading from a cheap tc. I'm sure that would work. I would need to fashion some type of stand that would maintain a specific distance between phone and readout to minimize focusing.
Most of the OCR I've found seems to be server based...seemed a little slow. I'm hoping to get a trial from ABBYY. That one runs on the mobile. We'll see. -Scott
I only mentioned OCR because there is another coffee app - for a laptop I think, that does OCR of a TC meter using a webcam. I don't know if it would be practical for a phone. But it would be neat - no wires or extra hardware, assuming you have a meter already.

Bluetooth seems a great solution and would be a great addition to the tc4-shield software.


bvwelch wrote:

Bluetooth seems a great solution and would be a great addition to the tc4-shield software.

If it ties in nicely, that's even better! I'm in. -Scott
You might be able to check with the folks over at roastlog.com to see what they're doing. It sounds like you might be able to work together on a similar solution. I looked into a TC to iphone interface, but came up pretty empty handed, so I forgot about the whole idea. Shortly after that roastlog.com launched, so I've been following them a bit. I can't afford their stuff right now, but they obviously have a tc to usb device that interfaces with their web app. Might be worth a look.
A friend of mine purchased a pandigital tablet and put android on it. I think that's an awesome device that could very well be useful in the shop / work room / wherever you roast.


stoneguard wrote:
Scott (scarter11).

You definitely have my permissions to reuse anything you see fit from my site. I can provide you sources, if you want, though it is all in PHP. I would be very interested in seeing how we could allow upload to the site once the data is saved, for sharing purposes.

I love the idea of a datalogger. Do androids come with a mini-usb? If so, wonder if that could be adapted to the TC4.

Can you send me your code to calculate RoR?
I plot RoR using the temperature data itself. Here is the actual code for it, but I will include some explanation and then if I have it wrong, someone can help us both out. Code is PHP

// temperature plotting function $tra[temperature][seconds]
function plottemp(&$image, $tra, $color, $degree, $maxdegree, $line)
     //hate globals, but they are expedient here
    global $lbmargin, $imgwincr, $imghincr, $degperi, $tempbase, $deglines, $ror, $show_ror;
   if ($line == $show_ror)
      $ror = array(); // try and create a rate of rise
   if (count($tra) > 1)
      line_data ("-- temp$line", $color);

   $degree = $maxdegree;
   $degperi = ($degree-$tempbase) / $deglines; // offset so that the temp graph starts at 100 degrees

   for($x = 1; $x < count($tra); $x++)
//----------------------ROR Code ------------------------
      $timedelta = $tra[$x-1][1] - $tra[$x][1];
      $tempdelta = $tra[$x-1][0] - $tra[$x][0];
      if ($line == $show_ror)
         $ror[] = array(($tempdelta/$timedelta * 60), $tra[$x][1]);
//----------------------ROR Code ------------------------
      //(0,0) should be at margin, height-margin if height=400, margin=40, then 500-0/y *x = 360
      $left = $lbmargin + $tra[$x-1][1]/60*$imgwincr;
      $bot  = ($degree - $tra[$x-1][0])/ ($degperi/$imghincr);
      $right = $lbmargin + $tra[$x][1]/60*$imgwincr;
      $top  = ($degree - $tra[$x][0])/ ($degperi/$imghincr);
      imageline($image, $left, $bot+5, $right, $top+5, $color);

The important code for RoR is summarized by the following:

for each temperature and time interval:
   current_time, and current_temperature
   timedelta = last_time - current_time (absolute value)
   tempdelta = last_temperature - current_temperature.

   ror_current_temp = tempdelta/timedelta * 60
   ror_current_time = current_time
   add ror info to an array

I am calculating the ror over a minute average for each interval, even if it is only a one second interval. I do not actually plot ror in this code, only calculate it based on the specified temperature data.

my image generation works on proportions, so if the highest temperature reading is 390 degrees, the graph only goes to 400, but if the highest temp is 600, the graph goes to 600(625, actually). Minutes in the roast are the same. So there are a lot of code variables for my plotting that are all relative.
Thanks, Stoneguard. I found my error. I was using the same formula, but I was not saving the last time value after each save, so my RoR values were getting progressively smaller.
whats the status of the roasting app?

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Sean Harrington
Inactive at the moment. Life with a family of 5 has taken precedence... :) I've been looking at some of the newer inexpensive android tablets as a better platform than a smartphone, but haven't pulled the trigger yet.


scarter11 wrote:
Inactive at the moment. Life with a family of 5 has taken precedence... :) I've been looking at some of the newer inexpensive android tablets as a better platform than a smartphone, but haven't pulled the trigger yet.

No need to explain...I completely understand. I was just curious.Grin
Sean Harrington
An HTC Incredible followed me home today... Now what?
I love the idea. Just before buing the Arduino and TC4 I was looking for something that could be used on a cheap tablet. I almost bought a N810 to use Artisan as it runs Linux.

But an Android would have such a wide range of users. It would be great to use it with TC4 and Arduino and to share some ideas with Artisan (first example, to exchange data!).

About the USB port, some devices work as a host (USB-To-Go) but I think it demands some work on configuring the linux kernel. I saw some video of a guy using his Nexus One with a lot of devices, including a USB to DVI and a big monitor.

Who knows, maybe soon I'll have a Nexus S...

There are some inexpensive bluetooth modules on the market that we can connect to the Arduino. Some are less than $10 US, but for ease of the initial software development I ordered a Bluetooth Mate Silver from Sparkfun today, and it should talk nicely to Android, for example: http://code.googl...p/amarino/
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Keep up the great work on this thread!!

I am following it carefully to learn -- although this stuff is lightyears out of my league on the technical side. What a wonderfully diverse crew this little bean brings together!

Hope to soon figure out the best roaster + computer combination for me.


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Progress report -- bluetooth comms between my cell phone ( HTC Incredible, but I suspect many other Android phones and tablets will work too ) and the Arduino is working!

Now I am struggling with a GUI -- not my strong suite. My first attempt may look a lot like an on-screen version of Jim's LCDapter. Then graphs later.

Slightly off-topic, but possibly useful food for thought, check out these Android/Arduino/Bluetooth robotics projects: http://www.cellbo...r-android/

A scary thought -- allowing you to remotely drive my roaster via G-talk. :-)
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