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Artisan roasting app -- support for TC4 added!
Hi all,

just found this thread/post just by accident. I am one of the Artisan developer (but not responsible for the TC4 code). I took a look at the line numbers reported.

command = "READ\n"               
t0, t1, t2 = self.SP.readline().rsplit(',')  #t0 = ambient; t1 = ET; t2 = BT

The first two of those lines sends out the string "READ" terminated by a newline. The last line then reads in a with three numbers separated by "," that are expected to represent ambient temperature, ET and BT, respectively (eg. "20.1,203.7,193.2"). Now the error reported happens due to the assignment to these three variables if the list generated by the rsplit is shorten then 3. We will most likely release a new version of Artisan next weekend and try to make it more robust in the sense that it also accepts empty values as well as strings carrying less then 3 values (eg. ",203.7,193.2" or just "20.5,203.7"). If you have further suggestions how we can improve things, let us know.

Hope this helps,

PS: In the future you might as well use the issue tracker of the Artisan Google code repository to report things like this to get our attention. It's hard to observe all those coffee forums at the same time...
Hi Marko,

I did add this to the issues on the google code site before I posted here. Thanks for the explanation.

Hi Brad,

I (hopefully) "improved" Artisan the way I discussed above. Thanks for filling the issue (I saw it too late). You can expect a new version of Artisan appearing at the begin of next week.

I have just started a thread dedicated to TC4 / Artisan issues:

In that thread, there is a link to a new Arduino sketch (aArtisan.pde) that should support Artisan, as well as optionally display temperature values on an LCD panel.

I'm cautiously hopeful that the new sketch, which buffers serial input in parallel with performing ADC conversions, will eliminate the log errors that have been previously reported.

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