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holiday swaap
Hi G,
I'm a little slow responding these days. My apologies. The 'renovation from hell' is nearly done. Life will return to something like normal soon.
Yes! Ethiopian. Glad you like it. I've got your wonderful beans in the super-auto as we speak. Talls and shorts...both wonderful!

The embossing; let me get some pics cropped and I'll post the process.
It's cheap, fast and easy.

I'll try to get something posted by tonight! Thanks again for the fantastic coffee. Happy Holidays! -Scott
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Creating the embossing plates;
I have them engraved locally with images I whooped up in photoshop. Well defined images work best. The image gets rendered in black and white. Black/positive is the 'up' part of the plate. White/negative is the 'down' part (it gets carved away). The image on the plate is reversed.
The deeper the engraving...the crisper the result.
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The heat is provided by an upside-down iron,(set to 'cotton') mounted in a crude wooden stand.
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Embossing plates are placed on the hot iron...surrounded by some cardboard to insulate. The embossing plate is the only hot surface left exposed.
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When a coffee pouch is filled and sealed, the pillowing effect comforms to the surface of the plate when lightly pressed. Takes about a half second.

I've got the sealer directly above the embosser. Seal the pouch...press down onto the embosser...toss it in the box.

So now, filling and embossing takes about 8 seconds per pouch. No labels, and a one time expense.

Enjoying my "G-Force" coffee in the super-auto Thanks Ginny and Gregman!! Happy Holidays. -Scott
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Thanks Scott:

What super auto are you using?

Miele CVA4070 Cheers!
Your roast was great. Everyone here likes a real espresso level roast and we were all pleased. I've been trying to guess what the origin, (or origins) were in your roast. I'm not quite experienced enough to determine origin by taste, maybe in a few years. I will say the folks here preferred yours over some of my experimental batches.
The roast I sent you was a blend of Brazil (roasted to Vienna or so) and then some Sumatran and Guatemalan roasted a bit lighter. I hope it was drinkable!

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