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Repurposing a decommissioned HG/BM
So now that the new roaster is up and running the trusty HG/BM is being phased out. Since it has already been repourposed from making bread to roasting coffee I figured there has to be some other use for it. With the holidays coming up, I had a thought

Has anyone used their roaster to roast nuts? Or am I nuts. *rimshot*
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There is a thread here about roasting nuts perhaps one of the other nuts will remember...

good luck and I see no reason why you cannot.

Very interested to see what you all can share about roasting nuts. I am particularly interested in almonds.

Any recipes? Any other nuts you can recommend?


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The closest I've come is roasting pumpkin seeds in a popper, which works very well.

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I was doing a little reading last night and with oven roasting you are just adding some oil and leaving them at a set temp for a set period of time. I would think that the HG/BM would be pretty ideal since I can keep an exact temp with the ET therm. and there is agitation to ensure all sides are equally roasted. I think this weekend I will give it a shot with some dry roasting since I have a few #'s left of coffee to run through the old roaster and dont want it covered in oil

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I had thought of trying to roast nuts in my roaster but thought about contaminating the roaster for those with nut allergy's. Since I do offer coffee to others. I don't know whether this should be a concern but have held off until I learn more about how these allergens survive and transfer.
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