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Great Looking Airpots
Here's a simple way to make your airpots look great. The Holidays are here, so amaze your friends and family, or simply look like a pro!

If you're a wholesale/micro-roaster, this will make your brand shine.

For the most basic method you will need;

An inkjet printer, a can of white spray primer. Transparency film (for your printer) and some adhesive magnetic sheet (roll out or whatever)

A table-top paper-cutter makes the job really crisp.
JETROASTER attached the following image:
1) Start with your artwork...whatever it may be....then reverse the image.

2) Print the reversed image onto the transparency print side (that's the slightly rougher side.)
The correct image will show through the nice smooth side.

3) Spray the printed side with the white primer. Your image will now have a white background.
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4) The printed and painted side of your transparency gets adhered to the magnetic sheet.
Cut to size and ...Voila!
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These things have turned out to be very durable and washable.

You will now look better than most of the coffee shops out there!
Happy Holidays! -Scott
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Great Idea Scott!
Sean Harrington
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