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My 1st HG Roast!
so after stovetop i bought a heatgun to test out roasting coffee...
its a 1500W locally made heatgun, with 2 settings 300C & 500C and 280L/min & 480L/min airflow respectively

so took about 80gms of ethiopian sidamo in a stainless steel non perforated collender and gave a 5min heat at low settings till that time i had yellow beans and all chaff flew away..
after that i had 2 mins of high heat in which i reached 1C in 1.30mins and about 2.15 min of total high heat duration..
this makes around 7 mins of roasting time but it was about 9.30mins of roasting time because i had to stop in between as i had to take care of something urgent.. that and i had to make 5 sec stops multiple times to pickup fallen beans, try to stir beans and had no mits with me so had to stop heat to stir them etc..

here is the result:

its not great but it was much easy to roast compared to stovetop i must say..
and things i learned from this i will try to fix that in next HG roast and see how well it comes out..

so guys comment/advice on this roast

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