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Heating Issues with Nesco Pro
Hello. I am new to the forum but joined in an attempt to get help before finally trashing the roaster.

I am not sure if this is the right place to post this as I didn't find a "technical" or "get help" section. Moderators can feel free to move this to the correct location if there is one.

I have a Nesco Pro Home Roaster. It has worked pretty well for 2 years or so until it just stopped getting hot enough to roast. It gets warm, but not so warm that I cannot touch the metal bits around the roast chamber. So not hot enough to roast.

What can i do (if anything?)

I have made sure to clean it after each use. I have also made sure to allow for the 20-30 min cool down between roasts. At this point I think it may be an element (if there is one) issue.

Thoughts? Is it time for a new roaster?

Welcome to HRO tasty!

Moved the thread to Other Roasters for you. Take a look at the other threads in the forum on the Nesco. Only a couple of threads but some useful information. From what I just read, it sounds like getting parts for the Nesco may be a challenge but may be worth a shot if you end up needing a replacement heating element or other part.

If you're capable with basic electrical fundamentals and basic appliance 101, I'd open the hood and see what's happening inside but no sparks or getting zapped!

Others with experience with the Nesco will hopefully chime in too.

Glad to have you on board,

1/2 lb and 1 lb drum, Siemens Sirocco fluidbed, presspot, chemex, cajun biggin brewer from the backwoods of Louisiana
I was fortunate to receive a Nesco from a generous person who moved on to another roaster. I believe there are two heaters in it, the main one for the roast and another, lower power, continuously active in order to run the catalytic smoke removal. What you describe sounds as if the main heater isn't.
With the bottom baseplate removed there are exposed line voltage terminals on the circuit board with slip-on connectors for roast heater, converter heater and motor. If you are able to work safely in this area, with the Nesco unplugged from power, it's possible to disconnect
the heater coil and, with a multimeter, check its resistance. When cold a heater coil of 1000w would be something around 10 ohms. If it's open-circuit I think the heater itself is directly under the roast chamber but I've never been able to loosen the fan pulley.
If the coil resistance is correct, I would say I've had success reviving other equipment with miniature relays ( the large-ish plastic cubes ) by rapping on them with something like a screwdriver handle. Best of luck !
I can confirm chaff diagnostic, having converted a Nesco to 220V, if needed it is available for opening and taking pictures.
The smoke heater is about 40% of total 800W power of Nesco, in the 300W ballpark, so not negligible.
The main heater is the difference, under 500W, and the machine is underpowered, so concluded the initial researches of oldgearhead, you need at least 600W for a decent roast.
For this power and 115V, the resistance is somewhere in the 25-30 Ohms ballpark, when moded for 230V mains, used 64 Ohms for 800W available power.
Edited by renatoa on 04/22/2021 1:49 PM
Overheating recall notice from Nesco.


Beware, is not about the machine discussed in this thread, but on same subject.
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