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Here are some useful pieces of coffee handling paraphernalia I use.

First is actually more decorative than useful. It is my coffee measure. I added a handle made from an antique piece of silverware. It is actually silver plated. It adds a nice weight to the measure. It holds 7 grams of roasted beans when level. More if heaping.

Of course I measure for espresso from the grinder with a timed setting after weighing to get the right time.

This is a thin cutting board but used to handle large (ish) quantities of beans or whatever. It is very flexible and can be creased to form a pour spout (or not). At the Dollar Tree (not Dollar General etc.) 2 for a dollar. It stores easily. They make great dust pans for fine stuff like ground coffee. Also good for knocking out espresso pucks on a hard surface.

This Tray is huge and it expands my narrow (travel trailer) 15 1/2" counter. It is 15" X 26" with a 1" depth. It protrudes 3" past the counter (long ent) or more if I wish. It protrudes just 2" on one side It was free from a neighbor who was moving. The color suits my kitchen too. The smaller tray fits in there but should be coffee color perhaps. Notice that Rooster in the background which is announcing time to wake up and start brewing.

This is where I inspect freshly roasted beans for stones and defective beans. The plastic chopping sheets are perfect for then transferring the beans to an air tight container with one way valve.

The 3/4" square brush (dedicated to the grinder burrs) was about $10 but the 10" X 2" paint brush @$1 (Dollar Tree) works better for most things. The large brush, also a freebie, is self explanatory

This 6 oz. Cup is double wall SS and is cool to the touch which means it will not burn your lips and insulates well. It was not cheap but is my favorite.

Also in this photo is a programmable timer which looks good on the front of a stainless steel espresso machine. It is just 3/4"thick. It is a great timer which does hours so can be set to wake you for Ebay auction endings. Set at 30 seconds for Rancilio silvia temperature surfing and shot timing.

Simple inexpensive storage is a lined paper bag with valve.
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"Espresso is a miracle of chemistry in a cup."
Andrea Illy
Good stuff Tim! The timer looks like it belongs.

KKTO Roaster.
I had to add these essential Silicone Gloves $6 pair. While they are a bit thin (a good thing) they can hold a 450 degree F. item for a short while till you must put it down or switch hands. I put them near a heating item and since they are bright orange you would have to be a moron to forget to put them on (that is surely tempting fate).

They are very flexible. They will not pick up coins but not to worry, they will hold a thin handled coffee cup (full) securely. Not as good when wet but will still do it.

This is the scale I use for weighing beans to setup the grinder. Notice the tray which ironically is from an earlier chepo scale which failed out of the box. The scale is a snug fit in it for transportation.

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"Espresso is a miracle of chemistry in a cup."
Andrea Illy
Nice utensils and ideas I may copy. Thanks for sharing.
So many beans; so little time....
A bright light and mirror are useful tools


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Here are two more. The Micro Shop-Vac $30 (cup for size reference) and the common sponge $1. The sponge is a magnet for fine coffee grounds.

Micro Shop-Vac

Common sponge

58mm Portafilter funnel made from yogurt container.
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"Espresso is a miracle of chemistry in a cup."
Andrea Illy
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