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Please help me out to choose a good espresso machine?
Hello friends,
Once I tried espresso that my friend offered me and I really loved it.I'm quite new to making espresso, so I asked her about the pricing but the espresso machine that she was using was quite expensive and I cannot afford it. My maximum budget is $ 250. I'm hoping that there might be someone in this forum who have bought an espresso machine, so please help me out to choose the right one according to my budget?
Thanks in advance for your help.
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Hi adaund, I hope you are well. I have some automatic espresso machine review that u can check and then decide. http://www.bestespressoreviewer.com/
I have 2 espresso machines, one a semi-auto Baby Gaggia which I have had for years and would highly recommend as fitting into your budget and being a great little machine. Here is a link to one:


I bought mine from wholelattelove on ebay, it was refurbished, and I have had zero issues. I use it about 3 times a week for the past 4 years.

Also I have the Saeco Xsmall Superauto. I have had it for around 7 years and use it every day. The darn thing is indestructible; far better than any other superauto I have had (I have had 2 krups supers in the past). The Saeco is supereasy to clean and also in your price range. If there is a negative it is the smaller sized water resevoir and used puck basket. That is just a minor annoyance, however. You can find it at:

Mine is a different color and I did not get it from that vendor on ebay. I have no association with that vendor either, so I cannot vouch for them.

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try this list perhaps its helpful https://coffeforu...under-200/

it certainly helped me to choose. (picked the mueller machine as it looks good Grin )
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I have this one: https://www.coffe.../#product1
I got it as a gift a year ago and have never looked back to regular coffee machines. Thinking of upgrading to a built-in the unit when I redo the kitchen so it might be up for sale. I can't comment on other brands as I have not used anything else.
Under 250$ - if I were you I'd choose a cheap moka pot and invest in a good grinder from Baratza (trust me, it matters!).
Though it's just me.
From my experience, you might find a nice DeLonghi within your budget as well - my parents are pretty happy with their Dedica Deluxe. It cost them about 150$ with a discount, not sure about the regular price.
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