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Infrared Popcorn Thing
My Alien Life
I bought a new Rose-will RHCO-16001 Infrared Halogen Convection Technology Digital Oven and combined it with my Nostalgia bubble popcorn popper.

The popper itself had a diameter that was too small to just sit the roaster on top. So I drilled a hole in the glass bowl and mounted the motor underneath. I also used the popper switch and the wire. Inside the roaster I used the popper stir wire and a washer.

On one end of the stir wire, I attached a small paddle made of stainless from the body of the popper.

First try I roasted .75 pounds of beans. Did it outside with the outside temperature about 30?F.

I didn?t hear a first or second crack. Took about 50 minutes.

Did I miss my crack stages ?? Not sure


My Alien Life attached the following images:
img_5502_1.jpg img_5501.jpg img_5498.jpg img_5493.jpg

Edited by My Alien Life on 01/19/2020 7:40 PM
You would probably need to crank up the temperature on the oven all the way. I usually pre-heat the oven and measure the inner temperature. 50 minutes is too long, 12-15 minutes is usually my roast time.

It is going to be tough fighting the low outside temperatures. Best to move to a garage or somewhere warmer if possible.

KKTO Roaster.
My Alien Life
The color is good... Is there an issue not hearing the cracks?
If the temperature is right, you should hear first crack. You are probably baking the beans (roasting at a lower temperature).

KKTO Roaster.
Too much heat losses, low outdoor temperature, too slow stirring, if that rod rotates under 10 RPM, as is for poppers.
50 minutes should taste cartoon.
My Alien Life
inside it takes 35 minutes and I get sporadic cracking. I need to mod it so the heat stays on constant. Not sure how.
What temperature setting are you dialing on the lid ?
You should preheat somewhere between 175-200C, then charge the beans, wait a minute at charge temp, then ramp to reach 250 by minute 4-6 and keep there to the end.
Even if not stirring at all, a single bean layer should crack in 12 minutes, else something is wrong with the lamp.
Also, try less beans, at most 2 beans high bed , i.e. 2 layers, infrared must see them in order to transfer heat, any bean in the shadow gets a lot less heat than the neighbours.
My Alien Life
I?ve tried 2 batches of .75 lbs

Max Temp is 450F

I will put a less aggressive stirring system ...

Single, thinner wire ...
Speed is more important than wire count. You must roll the beans, not crawl.

450F (232 C) of MET is a bit at the limit of requirements for a good roasting.
I added paddles to my stirring arms made of copper pipe flattened on a bench vice. This helped churn and push the beans better.
There is thin walled pipe available that is easy to flatten.
This is going way back to 2011 when I built my first roaster.
JackH attached the following image:


KKTO Roaster.
My Alien Life
I?m thinking I use too many beans

I need to do 8 oz or less.

Seems a shame not to use more of that space and heat.

It?s all new and I should get rid of it and get an air popper. I love the whirley pop.... Very fast
This is an air roaster too, you don't need a popper.
Me and others are roasting more than a pound in 10 minutes using a similar lid.
Is the approach and how you use it that make the design inefficient.
My Alien Life
What am I doing wrong. If my kitchen is 70, how many ounces of beans etc?


My Alien Life wrote:

So I drilled a hole in the glass bowl and mounted the motor underneath. I also used the popper switch and the wire. Inside the roaster I used the popper stir wire and a washer.

Interesting that you used the glass bowl; never thought of drilling a hole in the glass bowl that most of us don't use or throw away from our SC/TO roasters. It's got me thinking because I am exploring building a KKTO setup to get more volume so this could be an intermediate step. Then all I would need is a faster motor like used on the KKTO roasters. With this roaster you have, where does the chaff go?
Fiorenzato Bricoletta Espresso Machine, Obel EB Grinder, USRC 3kg roaster
More volume implies more heat/power than the standard 1300/1400W halogen lamps are delivering.
So you should think to other methods, to supliment this heat.
How much you want to roast? The 1400W standard element, if removing the protection plate, so a significant IR boost added, is capable of 750-800 grams, in a 9-10 liters oven volume.

Actually, is not only the heat you need to boost, the actual lamps are capable to raise the air temperature to 250C in 12 liters volume oven, enough for a good roast.
raising temperature more will not equate automatically to bigger loads, rather forced roast = damaged beans Grin
So you must plan for a bigger oven... 12 liters = 32 cm standard lid diameter, by 15 cm high, to have a reference.
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