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Bulletproof coffee
Hi guys!
My family likes bulletproof coffee and we buy it in a cafe nearby. Yesterday I found a recipe for homemade bulletproof coffee and I want to try making it myself. Is there anyone experienced? Share your recipes, please!
Extra question: what blender do you have? What blender do you recommend to purchase for this purpose?
I have made a "bulletproof-LIKE" coffee for 2 years now (which is when I started the keto diet, and hence bulletproof coffee). I really prefer it to the "by the book" bulletproof coffee, but of course, tastes vary.
For my 24 oz mug of coffee, I use 1 Tbsp of coconut oil (which has MCT oil) and 1/4 cup of heavy whipping cream. I then use a Cuisinart immersion blender for about 30-45 seconds to emulsify the coconut oil and froth it a bit. Every once in a while, I'll add some vanilla, cinnamon, or peppermint oil just to mix it up, but those days are becoming fewer and farther between.
A word about immersion blenders... I tried a cheap one from Walmart (the "Mainstays" brand for like $10) and it was worthless. All plastic, which cracked shortly after. So I tried a less cheap (but still cheap) Bella brand (also from Walmart... doh!). It works fine. For about 6 months. Then the plastic bushings are shot and the whole thing goes in the trash. I burned through 2 of those in one year, so finally spent just a BIT more on a Cuisinart immersion blender from Costco, and it's a night and day difference. It's more solid, for sure. But the blending is on another level. It is incredible, and I highly recommend it!
Final note: I know that unsalted butter is a mainstay of bulletproof coffee, but that simply doesn't agree with my taste buds in my coffee. I find the coconut oil to be perfect. I'm making the ASSUMPTION that your family does keto (but correct me if I'm wrong). If so, this is a great way to get about 35g of fat right off the bat! It bucks convention wisdom, but since I started this very high fat diet two years ago, I've been getting full blood screens twice a year now (including the day I started). My numbers, including total cholesterol, A1c, and blood pressure, have never been better. Every single number is in the optimal range, and even my doctor is continually surprised by the results.
Let me know what recipe you end up liking!
I also meant to add that we have a Ninja blender as well, which works great, but the cleanup just isn't worth it for a daily routine. The quality of emulsification on the Cuiisinart vs. the Ninja is equal, in my opinion.
Great! Thank you for the recipe! Yeap, you're right about keto. Coconut oil is an interesting ingredient for bulletproof coffee Grin I think I'll try to cook due to your recipe, I like to discover and try something new!
As for the blender, I made sure that cheap things are not durable and not reliable.
I considered only Ninja and Vitamix, because of the brand, of course. After your response, I checked for the Cuisinart and I think about buying it. I found an article about blenders, and there it's said that there is a warranty for 3 years and also 10 years warranty for motor for Cuisinart, but on the Amazon, there is said nothing about this. I'm a little bit confused. Help.
The coconut oil is in there to provide the MCT oil (it's a LOT cheaper than buying MCT oil, and has the same benefits). It's also the coconut oil that makes the blender a bit of a necessity. Even if you vigorously whisk by hand, the coconut oil will still rise to the top and make your first few sips pure oil. Not the most pleasant thing. smile
Ninja and Vitamix are both great blenders... and both are WAY overkill for bulletproof coffee! One thing I didn't mention above is the "suction" power of the Cuisinart (due to the blade design). It's FAR more powerful than the cheaper blenders I tried. In fact, when I use it, it will literally lift my 24 oz stainless steel mug off the counter (it's only half filled when I blend it)! The fluid dynamics of their blade design is simply excellent.

For me, I needed an efficient routine because I needed it to be easy enough to do every single morning. Because I made a mug of bulletproof for both my wife and I, and we're 2 years into this, I've done this process well over 1,000 times! Here's my EXACT routine, every single morning:

1. Grind 60g of beans.
2. Start my Breville drip coffee maker for a 10-cup pot using the fresh-ground bean. It takes 10 minutes to brew this pot.
3. Prepare 2 mugs. The mugs are Contigo West Loop 24-oz mugs. These are the same diameter was the West Loop 16-oz and 20-oz mugs... the only difference is their height. 1/4c heavy cream, 1 Tbsp coconut oil (I just eyeball this at this point... some days I'm sure it's a bit more, other days a bit less). Sometimes a tsp or so of Stevia, cinnamon, or peppermint oil to mix things up. (but usually not).
4. Mug prep only takes about 3-4 minutes. I now start grinding/grooming my espresso portafilter for 2 cappucinos. I grind and prep the portafilter, then grind the dose for the 2nd cappucino so that those grinds are ready.
5. Drip coffee pot is now over 1/2 full. I have the kind of pot that you can pull and it'll pause the drip, so at this point, I quickly fill each mug halfway.
6. Return the coffee pot so that brewing can finish, but while it does that, I blend using the Cuisinart. The blender head of the Cuisinart PERFECTLY fits the Contigo West Loop mug! I blend each mug for about 45 seconds (which can feel like a LONG time) at full speed. Each mug will now be frothy.
7. I rinse the blender head in hot water. The 10-cup pot of coffee is now fully done.
8. Top off the mugs that i just blended. A 10-cup pot of coffee fills 2 24-ounce mugs to the brim!
9. I immediately draw my first espresso shot.
10. Reload portafilter with beans already ground in step 4.
11. Fill milk frothing mug with almond milk or sometimes Fairlife milk.
12. Draw second shot and simultaneously froth milk.
13. Pour frothed milk into both espresso shots to make them cappuccinos.
14. Take the cappuccinos upstairs to my wife, and we enjoy/savor the rich perfection.

The bulletproof coffee? We take that on the road... it's more about getting adequate fat and caffeine than outright flavor. smile

All said and done, the routine above takes about 17 minutes if I'm as efficient as possible. More typically it's a 20-minute routine.

As for the warranty, I've never heard of the 10-year motor warranty... only the standard 3-year Cuisinart warranty. For reference, the model I have is specific to Costco (I believe). It's the HB-600PC. It's a 300-watt motor with variable speed. I hope this gives you some pointers, and good luck on your keto journey! It changed our lives for the better in so many different ways.


jscott14 wrote:
It's also the coconut oil that makes the blender a bit of a necessity. Even if you vigorously whisk by hand, the coconut oil will still rise to the top and make your first few sips pure oil. Not the most pleasant thing. smile

LOL, I kept reading about people putting MCT oil in their coffee, but nobody ever mentioned that you needed a blender. I couldn't figure out why I could not get it to emulsify. No matter how hard I whisked it, it just floated to the top.

Finally figured out the blender part on my own, LOL.
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