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A lot to unload
Does anyone know if there are better thermocouplers than the K-thermocouples in Hottop's uk-105 kit?
I had surgery last week and now have time to work on my roasting skills!
There is limited space for placement. Wanting the best put in for accuracy.
At least it's a good place to start from. Tweek later or get a 500T.

Though I have only had 1 bad batch in 5 years. Most of my great roasts were accidents.
Which I could not repeat.
This does not speak well of my skills...
I have talked to George from Goldstar (Canada). Tried his tips.
Read and read and read from all over. Still I'm missing the mark!
Hoping this upgrade puts me in the right corner of the roasting world.
I am judging my efforts against same coffee roasted by professionals.
Sometimes I'm so far off I could cry.
Still good coffee and sometimes a new flavor or taste evolves.
But not the same as what they produced...
I'm committed to the upgrade for cost reasons. 12 weeks off work makes for a tight budget.
Thanks for anything you all throw at me!cross fingers
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