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Hottop Project outside the box
Well I bit the bullet. I ordered a data logger, probes.
Aluminum tubing, flair tool, thread tools.
Cobalt bits, more Cafiza, & fixed the space heater.
Will post install pic's as the stuff is available. Wish me luck on my guessing on what I needed.

This is my Hottop. (P-2)
Unchanged in any way. Most of what I bought to upgrade my efforts in repeatable roasts are from multiple sources.
It will take weeks to arrive.
I am resting from neck surgery...
It' amazing how soo many things affect your neck muscles.
This was somewhat an experimental device used. So NO lifting for 1 month!
I'm in agony! I'm a DOM. Not used to sitting... no that's not "dumb old man".
Though my children thought so long ago. Now I'm a SAGE.

Breaking away for a moment:
I've tried very hard to get insight from large to medium roasters across the globe.
There has been so much resistance from most. You'd think I was going to compete with them.
Buy a $300,000.00 roaster and crush them beneath my feet.
But in my persistence and pursuit of this knowledge. I feel I have extracted a few things.
But alas I don't have the tools necessary to implement it.
That is what this project is for!

Now before anyone starts telling me I should just buy the $500 upgrade for the hottop.
2 things!
First I'm without income for 6-12 weeks.
Second is everything I just bought is still required even with the upgrade from Hottop.
These were my choices of what they recommend as peripherals. (many many choices and combo's)
I will buy the upgrade but it will be awhile...

This is my first attempt at any posting, shared project, chronicle of my work.
Please don't grind me.
I just want to share and hear from others like me.
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Well I decided to call Boston Stoker here in town.
Now no promises but they are looking into giving tours and possible roasting class.
Soo if if anybody is interested in attending.
Let me know... I will keep you updated as I receive info from them.
At present the location is Vandalia Ohio.
I would think the more interested would prompt them to conduct a class.
Don't know what it will cost, but that's to early to know.
Hot dog if this happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!smoking
I am glad you started a post.

Not all big roasters are as enthusiastic about roasting as we are. To some of them, it is just a job.

We have a good size section on the Hottop, it may give you some ideas:


KKTO Roaster.
I am afraid to say that a lot that are taught in a roasting class aimed to professionals can't be applied on HT machine, it simply has a different thermal behaviour than a pro roaster, even it tries to mimic a drum roaster.
This could be one of the source of many people disappointments, trying to use operating modes and profiles taken from internet, for machines having other heat transfer methods.
No, I don't mean HT is not a good roaster... but if you try using it controlling heat as you have read in an article written for a 5Kg Probat, then indeed you can have surprises...
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Data logger showed up. Those are not the thermocoupler's I will be using.
Problem I have immediately is the laptop I want to use. I lost the password.
I'll have to make a ubuntu usb access to it. So I can bypass the password.
Also wait for the probes from SUZHOU.

O MY GOD! I finally Crackatoa'd the laptop password. Just to find my win 7 isn't good enough for Artisan 2.4.
Poopski! I love win 7. Have had all but 8 & 10 so far.
God if only I could find the UK-105 discounted I would feel better.
This bedridden crap is killin me.
Another week before I can lift a bowling ball...
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Edited by OldMan41 on 02/11/2021 2:18 PM
I am still on Artisan 1.3 and don't plan to upgrade.
Me too on W7, no plan for another Windows, rather Linux. Enough to say I resist 3 years after support ceased on XP. until my motherboard crashed. I hate reinstalling.
So you can install an older version without no regrets.
I should mention that I don't use Artisan for the roast process itself.
Well I couldn't stand it.
I had to try the data logger. Even though I don't have the cable to hook it to the laptop.
Now in the past I was able to verify the bean temp was 20 or so degrees higher than the chamber temp.
Today I saw the temp of the beans lag by 25-35 degrees behind the chamber till 1st crack.
Then the beans caught up with the chamber.
By end of 1st crack. Beans past chamber temp by 20 degrees.
Will taste it in a couple...
Will attempt to add 2nd thermocoupler to other end this weekend.
Test it about Thursday next.
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WOW! 2 years of filth is nasty.
I jumped into temporarily adding a thermocoupler.
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How are the deposits on the front glass compared with the above ?


renatoa wrote:

How are the deposits on the front glass compared with the above ?

Roughly identical.
I run 250-300grams.
Mostly 300.
Gonna try venting front cover more.
Gonna try vac'ing the chaff tray too.
Made a adapter for that.
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Well I need guinea pigs!
When I finish my Hottop project.
I don't want to rely on my taste buds only.
My wife smokes, is partial to pleasing me. (everything I do is great)
Soo I need others to sample my attempts at a good roast.
I would to ask the community to nominate 4 members who they believe are master roasters on the Hottop.
I would like to send samples of an attempt for 1 pot of coffee each. In turn, reply back with judgments/suggestions/questions...
It will be a month before I'm ready.
But I'm anxious to be prepared. Sitting and convalescing is tough.????
Please cast your votes.
Have a new prob.
9 pin to usb adapter showed up.
Tried to run logger software.
It can't see computer.
Running win10. Logger last ran on Win7.
Have tried drivers for logger and Artisan. Updated win10.
Tried updating ports directly...
Also have a 9pin to 15pin adapter coming Saturday.
That's what the RS232C cable is to connect to.
Soo I guess I'll try again Saturday or have to wait till I can afford the UK-105 upgrade.

Well data logger does not like win10. Going back to win7.
Adapter delivery is held up by snow storms...
Data logger company says I need a different cable and software.
Just shoot me now...
BBQ grill
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Edited by OldMan41 on 02/20/2021 10:10 AM
What chipset is the RS232 dongle ?
You can see this in the Device Manager.
If you find this info, we can investigate more for the right driver for w10.
Thanks but I went and reverted back to win7.
Data logger working...
Loaded up Artisan 1.3...
All is working, but data logger temps not graphing within scope.
Only showing on right side of screen on the side bar.
I'm sure it's my fault. Need to read and learn more about...
It's just that my neck hurts and I need to lie down.
Until I get the UK-105 upgrade. This is what I've got to work with.
Glad that all devices are talking to each other.
Graphing starts after you press Start then Charge.


renatoa wrote:

Graphing starts after you press Start then Charge.

Well I tried that this morning.
Now artisan says can't get id from hh506ra device.
Reading here:

... I found this section somewhat related to your issue:


Devices are connected to Artisan either via a an external serial/USB connector or via a RS485/USB for Modbus devices. For various reasons Artisan does not support USB HID devices. A few devices have a build in serial/USB converter and feature a direct UDB connection. However, internally they still talk a standard serial protocol and not the USB HID one. Some of those converters offer an optical isolation that helps to eliminate some ground loops between the ground of your computer and that of the device, which can lead to spikes in the roast graph. In any case you have to ensure that a corresponding driver for the device is available for your computing platform is available. There are cases were for example the meter features a FTDI chip, but the corresponding driver available from FTDI does not support that specific device unique id (most likely for some licensing reasons). So better check before purchasing!

I would contact user MaKoMo, the author of Artisan, for such specific issue help.
Thanks! I appreciate all the digging you did for me. Would you like some Ethiopian Yirgacheffe next week???
I made some changes, dug deeper into the program, switched to another port.
Now using com4.
I will test with a roast Saturday.
Have 2 doc appointments this week.
Been feeling wishy washy lately.
Not sleeping really either.

TRUTH: I have always thought I was smart. But maybe I'm more street smart than intellectual.
For this project has really taxed me. Melted my brain.
Trying to read manuals from other countries is annoying.
Working with technical equipment that isn't plug and play is killin me.
Talking to organizations that want all your info but give you generic answers if any. SUC!
So thank you for helping me.

I booger'd it! Another probe came in & I missed drilling the perfect spot.
1st hole was below the glass support surface.
2nd hole was in the way of the glass front mounting plate screw.
3rd hole still has the glass front mounting plate strengthening lip in the way.
It's less than a 1/16th in depth. But stopped the glass front from closing 100%.
I removed 1/4" wide of the lip.
Threaded both extra holes and put bolts in. UGLY!
$40.00 mistake.
I'll live with the bolts.
I'll test it on Saturday with my next batch.
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dsc05050.jpg dsc05057.jpg

Edited by OldMan41 on 02/23/2021 1:53 PM
Thank you for your kind offer, but over the pond shipping will cost more than worth coffee itself. But I get degassing for free, lol...


renatoa wrote:

Thank you for your kind offer, but over the pond shipping will cost more than worth coffee itself. But I get degassing for free, lol...

Got no guinea pigs...
Only have 1 friend, his health is so poor. I'm afraid my coffee would blow up his heart.
Family mostly drink Krups and other fru fru coffee. Or Caffeine drinks...
I just spent 43 bucs on cigars for my neighbor who has been snowplowing for me.
I used to make and ship around the world a bushing removal tool. (aware of all rates)
Send gifts to family in Germany every year. That's 100 bucs just for a 15lbs box.
I could send it to a postal service box and you could go get it later...
Don't get me started on my problem with being gassy.
Man I thought the first probe was tough.
The last probe came in.
It took me alot longer...
It still tests good so I didn't break it.
I had to stop. My neck hurts & I need more, (wait for it) COFFEE! Roflmao
I'll finish putting it together later.
I'll test a dry run first.
Then I roast some Ethiopian...

Still no guinea pigs???

Today after a whole week. Omega finally answered me.
I was having trouble with drivers. Would work for 1-3 hours.
They did not offer to help, but said if I buy their cable and software for 40bucs.
I'd be good to go...
Found what I thought would work in UK, same company for free.
But it only lasted longer before reinstalling drivers! Again.
But they sent an answer for free!
Followed link and seams good.
Will update later in the week. jazzyhands
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dsc05062_2.jpg dsc05066_1.jpg

Edited by OldMan41 on 03/06/2021 3:24 PM
Getting this sorted out?

Good placement on BT probe
Mick - "Drinking in life one cup at a time"
"I'd rather be roasting coffee"

Roaster 1: San Franciscan SF-1
Roaster 2: Hottop B-2K+
Roaster 3: 2 kilo Chinese drum
Grinders: Mazzer Major - Forte BG (x3)
Pour over: Hario - Bee House - Chemex - Kalita - Bodum
Drip: Bunn CWTF15-1 & CW15-TC (commercials)
Espresso: Pasquini Livia 90 auto
Vacuum: Cona - Bodum
Press: Frieling - Bodum Colombia
Yeah but I saw where someone put 2 probes in the chute lid.
Didn't even think of that!
Also had to tweak both of them.
The 2nd one, I did not allow for the beans to jam up against the 3/8 compression fitting.
Had to move 1/8th" and make stainless washers to fill the larger opening,
that's now in the back wall.
Also now have a hole in the chrome cover.
Making it harder to resell when I'm able to buy a Huky.
Testing the drivers/software today.
So far it looks good.

Anybody want 100grams of free roasted Ethiopian?
So I can test this...
coffee drink
I took mine apart a drilled both into te bac wall. Used a tap to thread it, put a thin nut inside and locking g nut outside.
Mick - "Drinking in life one cup at a time"
"I'd rather be roasting coffee"

Roaster 1: San Franciscan SF-1
Roaster 2: Hottop B-2K+
Roaster 3: 2 kilo Chinese drum
Grinders: Mazzer Major - Forte BG (x3)
Pour over: Hario - Bee House - Chemex - Kalita - Bodum
Drip: Bunn CWTF15-1 & CW15-TC (commercials)
Espresso: Pasquini Livia 90 auto
Vacuum: Cona - Bodum
Press: Frieling - Bodum Colombia
OK! This is without the new upgrade UK-105.
Data logger drivers are much better.
Buuut! It still drops out almost every 1-5 secs.
Though allowing the Artisan software to fill the gap so most of the graph is normal looking.
I think I need to calibrate the data logger probes.
Not sure it 100%.
Last 3 batches of Ethiopian are Ok,Ok, not tested yet.
[b]Breaking news[b] New upgrade arrived!!!
But my neck is really sore!!!
Need to heal.
Wait for it....... Ordered a 1050W heat element & PWM!!!!!
Think I'll wait till next week end to put it all together.
Need fusible link info to get a new link.
Hottop had a 900W test unit.
Never put it out for public!
Wish I had that info!!!
I'll wing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!limb

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