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Hottop Project outside the box
Well I installed all my UK-105 upgrade but the element.
I am waiting on a 1000w element to arrive.
WAIT! Don't yell at me.
Hottop had a 900watt prototype.
I got a PWM to tone it down. limb
Now quietly, any thoughts???
OldMan41 attached the following image:
So I mostly finished the mods.
Tested a batch.
Ran PWM at 3/4+ power.
Set roaster on auto to see what happens.
Seams to roast alot faster...

Poop, pic's flipped back from editing.
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pxl_20210326_215136332.jpg pxl_20210326_212706625.jpg pxl_20210326_233711716mp.jpg

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Auto ran 3 mins faster than program.
Manual without charge took 1.5 minutes less.
Manual with 250 charge and 240grams took exact time minus a few seconds.
Will roast Sumatra lintong this weekend.
Ran outta Ethiopian.
I roasted 300 grams Sumatra set to 18mins.
Dropped beans in at 16mins, 174degrees.
Made some fan, heat tweeks...
Had to dump at 15.5 mins first batch.
Second batch all the same.
But... let it go 20ish seconds longer to hit 10ish seconds into 2nd crack..
Both smell good... 1 a touch fruity and other woodsy?
Will taste monday and tuesday.
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Dam it!
Bought a quiz an art grinder. Dam messy!!!!!!!!!
Any body got something better for 8oz to 1lbs grinding???
Edited by OldMan41 on 04/04/2021 12:58 PM
Pictures not working so great. Trying again.
Got these friday.

Sumatra lintong...
Consistently roasting 300G. Like it but will try something other than Sumatra soon. (30lbs so far)
From charge to drop has been, 13 minutes and 15 seconds.
Give or take 10-20 seconds.
Any thoughts??? coffee drink
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