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Want old Hottop 'B' for parts
I have an original KN-8828, with an upgraded 8828-B-2 panel, which is no longer available.

The LCD has failed, and Hottop USA won't sell me parts without basically rebuilding the entire machine to current safety standards, and that's outside my budget. If you have a failed machine of this vintage, preferably with a 'B' panel, I'd love to buy it from you... or just the guts if you're up to tearing it down.
B panel hasn't been available for years.

You can get a B-K panel and k probe.

You will need to "washer" the thermocouple into the rear wall as it is smaller than the bulb sensor

Simplest way to "fix" a dead b panel

I was hosed the same except I had gone 2 k-type probes (BT/ET) but still used the bulb for the safety and old panel.
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Thanks Turtle! Much like you, I already HAVE K-type tc's in there, I was planning on doing an Arduino mod at some point, so that sounds pretty straightforward.

Would still be nice to have a parts machine (Hottop wants > USD$40 to ship a single part to Canada), but less critical if I can get a B-K panel running.
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Can you post a picture of the panel you are looking for? I upgraded my panel to the latest one with connectivity to artisan, if the old one is what you are looking for it might be up for grab. I’m near Montréal, in Quebec.
All I have is what I took out to install the b2K upgrade.
The old is still working...
It's the KN8828P-2, with element.
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