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Help with Kenyan/high density beans
Hi all. I'm hoping someone can help with a problem I just can't crack (pun kind of intended, I guess): I can't get a good/consistent roast at all on some (wonderful) super-high-density Kenyan beans from SM (https://www.sweetmarias.com/kenya-nyeri-ichuga-aa-6830.html ). I'm fairly new to roasting, but have fallen HARD for this new obsession, and have gotten to the point where I have at least somewhat of a consistent feel for how to manage a roast, and get a batch that's consistent and finished to the level I want. I'm using a FreshRoast SR800 with stock chamber + Razzo chaff collector upgrade.

My problem with these beans is that no matter what I do and what adjustments I make, the roast ends up splotchy and uneven, with scorching/tipping. I'm assuming this is related to the extreme density of these beans; the general problem seems to be that the exterior is roasting A LOT faster than the interior--there will be dark patches on the beans while plenty of hay-colored chaff remains in the beans. Based on advice I found on the internet (from both SM and George Howell) I've tried slowing down the roast, really extending the drying phase. No change. I thought that maybe I was slowing the fan down too much at times and not letting the beans move enough (my standard technique is to manage the SR800 heat more with fan than with heating control) so I've tried batches where I keep the fan moving as much as possible and manage heat only with heating element control. No change.

In general, by the time I get anywhere even near first crack, I can already see that some beans/some parts of some beans are waaaay darker than I like; with these beans, really going for a nice smooth deep caramel City roast color, and before first crack, I see patches of dark brown/ebony. I will note I'm not getting any oil coming out of the beans, not getting that dark yet.

Anyway, any advice is much appreciated. Would love to learn how to deal with beans of this density. Thanks!
I have zero experience with your machine, so my 2 cents may not be worth the stated value.

Reduce batch size to maximize bean movement. Adjust other stuff as needed, take notes.
Good luck, Have fun.
Cheers, Scott
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