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New to roasting, need help with SR540, seeking Berry Bombs!!!


JediMasterAubie wrote:

Not a whole lot of flavor in any regard.

I would change coffee Grin
Too many lack of flavor in your experiments, confused...

Regarding the last roast, from the table above, I would lower the initial heat increase, to bring the start of yellowing closer to minute 4.
And adjust accordingly the heat increase in the browning phase, to keep the actual FC, which seems good as timing.

Keep heat unchanged in the FC neighborhood, the rate of change value, computed as 14F (7C), from 7:30 to 8:30, seems ok for development.
Beware about your sources, look at price more than to seller prestige.
I read recently that a very known shop introduced a roaster in a combo offering, with an option of greens package at $20 for 9 pounds. This price points to very low quality coffee, and instead persuade newcomers into home roasting, rather frustrate them...
Thanks for all the help!

I've got enough to try one more time with your suggested tweaks. Just bought a different Ethiopian to see if, as you suggested, I've just been working low quality beans so far.
Took a few more tries to get closer to your guidance. I think I'm still getting in the zone of 300F too early; I've got the fan at it's highest and the heat at it's lowest so I'm not quite sure how to get that under better control (more beans or preheat to something less than 300F?)

I got some Grade 1 natural Ethiatiopian Gedeb Beriti. I got some butteryness out of this but still no fruityness. Do you think we're narrowing in on the drying cycle as a likely culprit or is something else sticking out?

JediMasterAubie attached the following image:
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