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F2 Fluid Bed Roaster Prototype
Hello everyone,

I and my friend have been playing around with this roaster which we were inspired by many of you. Now, after some trial and error, we come to finalize our prototype but before that, I wanted to ask for your worthy opinion of any kind. Here is a small video of the roaster. He has slightly more isolation in RoR at the beginning, I can increase the smoothness to overcome it but I'm not sure If that's the solution. But other than not perfectly steady RoR, we seem to be quite happy with the roast results that we get. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks

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Congratulations on completing your build, it looks neat. The electronics housing especially has interesting aesthetics with rounded edges. Now all you have to do is practice, practice, practice roasting and learn the machine's dynamics... and drink lots of coffee! Enjoy.
Some time ago evaluated the idea to use the case of an electric heater as in attached picture, taken from a discount store for nothing, as the top panel/cover for a similar machine Grin
renatoa attached the following image:
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