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Artisan heater control issue

I知 just returning to roasting after some enforced time out and have installed Artisan on a PC running windows 10. I had Artisan running on a Mac before but it has sadly died.

Anyway I set up all of the controls the same as before (I believe) but I知 now getting this really odd issue.

When I turn on Artisan without any controls on, no PID, no alarms etc the heater starts and seems to aim for about 40C Then when I start the roast the heater increases the temperature by 1% every seven seconds. I can return the slider to the desired temperature and for about twenty seconds all is well but then it starts again. It does it during cooling too about every twenty seconds the heater starts. Thankfully I have a master switch and turn the power off to the heater for cooling.

Have any of you had such issues? I知 on the latest version of Artisan.

Wisdom much appreciated!
Artisan + ... what control device ?


... no PID, no alarms etc... I can return the slider to the desired temperature...

Temperature slider means PID, if no PID you choice is to control heater power as %, not temperature as degrees.
Sorry, I was in a bit of a rush to do the school run when I posted. I知 connected over wifi to a phidgets hub with a -/+ 10V isolated controller and a four port thermocouple reader (bean mass, exhaust and inlet)

To clarify, the only control is for heat and that runs as %. What I知 seeing on the screen as changes is a heater percentage change initially every 6/7 seconds. It痴 really odd
No background profile, no following ?
Is there any event/condition that start this increase?
There is a background profile (for reference only) but control on device assignment is empty and when I checked in control Start PID on charge is empty too.

Looking at the last roast properties the descriptions of the events show as a Q followed by a number equivalent to the heater percentage. My input changes show as a percentage. Does Q stand for quantifier?
Please, can you post a screen copy of this ... "events show as a Q followed by a number..."... er, entity...

Maybe, who knows, you invoked someone... Grin
Sorry about being so slow in replying. I did a full reset of Artisan and have been adding the buttons, slider and alarms back in and so far, all seems to be behaving as it should ?

I did record a few seconds of video to show it increasing the heater of its own accord but am unsure whether I can add video to this platform?

I値l keep an eye out for any unexplained happenings!
Post video on youtube, then use the youtube button to tag the video link into a post.

Youtube button is the rightmost in the toolbar below the message editor.
Deactivate your quantifiers
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