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Hello Everyone!
Found this site and signed up. Bought a Nostalgia popcorn popper at Walmart yesterday. Had some green Columbian beans I've had for probably 10 years. I tried roasting with a heat gun back then—what a mess. Well, fired up the popper, roasted two batches last night, and had a couple of cups for breakfast. Very nice. Pretty high caffeine. My wife asked if I was going to make her coffee tomorrow...of course. I've ordered beans from a couple of places recommended on this site. Well worth the 10 minutes it took to roast two batches.

My wife and I also make wine. We have been doing that for seven years. We have over 900 bottles of wine in our basement. We also make soy candles.

It's so much fun making things you can drink...and light up the house with...

I will post some pics soon.
Welcome !

Coffee is not as wine, aging is not good Grin
Be prepared to be amazed by the cup you will get from fresh beans !
Hello everyone!!

New here. I've been roasting my own coffee for about 8 months now and there is a lot I need to learn, so I ran into this forum and decided it was a good Idea to join; thank you for accepting me.
I get my beans from my own back yard and we do the whole process ourselves, from planting it to drinking it pouring
We grow a few different varieties such as (forgive my spelling...) BOURBON, MARAGOJIPE, PAJARITO, GEISHA and CASTILLO ROSARIO. About 120 trees in all.
We typically do the honey method of drying, have not really experimented much on this. There is so much to learn at every step, it can be overwhelming.
Started roasting with a pan on an open flame and now I'm using an air fryer oven but looking to improve; both in quantity that can be roasted at the same time and a more controlled method.
Well, looking forward to dive into the forums and start leaning.
Thank you!!
I want a back yard as yours... when retired Grin
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