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Hello from NL
Hi guys,

Just to say hi from NL. Been lurking around forquite some time without actively participating, but time has come. The DIY virus has struck (again) and I'm planning to building a roaster.

Looking for inspiration, no idea what to build yet.

If you have any tips, don't hesitate to point me in the right direction.



Elaborating on my first post here, I'm leaning towards a FB roaster with TC4+ for integration with Artisan. I've been playing around with a heat gun element and a small air pump and, although not ideal, this seems to be a relatively simple approach when compared with a full drum roaster build. I've seen a few (attractive) examples. We'll see.

It'll be a long term project anyway.
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Hi matjans. Fluidbeds are usually much less complicated than drums as you implied and can achieve excellent results but also take a good look at turbo oven roaster builds which are just as capable and much less finicky to get right.

Have a great time building your dream roaster! BBQ grill
1/2 lb and 1 lb drum, Siemens Sirocco fluidbed, presspot, chemex, cajun biggin brewer from the backwoods of Louisiana
Or any other roasters based on hot air as heat source, but mechanical agitation instead levitating beans, which is more artistic looking than efficient as energy consumption.
Thanks guys. Playing around with some stainless and duct tape atm.

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Hello Matjans, how many grams of beans are you using in the tests?
Looking at the small air pump, do you have a rating on it?

By the way the rest of parts look nice.
Pump is rated 30W (12V), heat element was from a heat gun I had laying around (10 eur, rated 2200W). Rest of the stuff is from one of my stills.

Amount of beans after roasting was about 60 grams. The roast chamber is only 2" dia.

This was only a poc, but niw that it seems to work i'll probably get a bigger chamber (3 or 4" dia), brushless air pump, tc4 etc.
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Collecting some FB build threads here...

Anot's build

which is based on Henrik's build


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I'm going for 250g to 500g at the most. I just tested a workshop blower (RS775 motor 20v), about 5 inch fan inside with 1.3 inch air outlet, tested with a 24v 15amp power supply and at 60% I think it might be double what I need.

Hope to roast a little and get some work done on the new project.
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