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Hi from Newfoundland, Canada
I have my first roaster arriving in a couple of days. My desire to start roasting is not because I long for process control, but because its so hard to find fresh roasted beans, and fast, cheap shipping from away is frustratingly unreliable. On a good shipment, they'll arrive in a week. In a bad one, it can be up to a month. I've had some exceptionally good fresh beans, and lots of stale ones.

I ordered my Behmor 2000AB last week, and have been watching lots of YT videos since. I ordered a few of my favourite beans to start with. I think one of them may be a mistake (Brazilian Santos) because they are dry processed which seems to be a bit trickier, so I'll leave that to last. The other beans are Monsooned Malabar (my all time fave) and a PNG (no specifics, but I've had it roasted before, and its decent).

Welcome to HRO! Glad to have you on board. I agree that trying to source roasted coffee is extremely challenging. The number of roasting companies that are knowledgeable and capable of getting it right are very few and even when one is found, getting the product fresh is another huge problem as no roaster wants to toss product that isn't sold quick enough.

Let us know how the roasts turn out from your new Behmor.

As far as green suppliers, hopefully there will be a HRO member familiar with green suppliers in Canada who will jump in. I saw a couple of on line suppliers but was shocked at the price/lb. Was around $15 US dollars/lb. which is insane.

Post often!
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In Canada the price has jumped 5-6 CAD on most sites if not more and Amazon only has a couple sales at the same price over the last few months.

Right now I drink Coffee has both of those coffees at lower prices. They are in Ontario with free shipping over $49. They can take some time to process, they have been both fast and slow for both green or roasted beans.
Don't mind for green beans.

I'm in the west so Finest cup for Ethiopian, Calgary Heritage for a few options and Green Coffee Co, for more options free shipping at $50, they use a coupon coupon FREE50.

I don't know if Green Beanery has the best beans on the planet but prices are extremely high, same price as high priced sites for .5 pound not 1 pound. 30 plus per pound really?
Seems like sticking with IDC is okay. I must say, I've never had a problem with shipping time from them. The problem is always CanadaPost delivery time, and like you, I'm not bothered about this for green coffee.

Green Coffee Co seem to have a pretty large selection. Good to know the free shipping tip.

Thanks. Good to hear what other Canadians think. :)
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