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How can I utilize the macro keyboard in SoftwareArtisan Software?
Hi all

I enjoy roasting with Artisan software, but
It is always difficult to use the mouse to operate the DRY, FCS, FCE, DROP, etc. buttons during the busy roasting process.
I am wondering if it is possible to operate these buttons right next to the roaster using a macro keyboard, but Artisan does not seem to have shortcut keys for these buttons, so it is not easy to do.

I think I have seen people successfully doing this before on Home and other sites. ?????

I would appreciate it if someone who is working on a macro keyboard like this to add DRY, FCS, FCE, and DROP buttons to an external button on a computer, or knows how to do it, could introduce me to the method if you can see it!
If we can generate any "alarm" by keyboard operation on the PC, it would be easy at first, since the "action" of the alarm has DRY, FCS, FCE, and DROP. I thought it would be easy, but I have not been able to make it work.
After much thought and consideration
First of all, let's ask for a macro keyboard.
????Order a 12-key keyboard from Sayodevice.
I'll use image recognition software to create shortcuts to basic events.
Let FCS and other event buttons be recognized and pressed
I will try to do it with a two-stage power play.

We plan to procure it from alli and others, so it will take some time for delivery,
but I will report back when it is available and Artisann can be controlled by an external button.
There are applications for this purpose, allowing mapping of whatever external device events to keyboard/screen presses.
Don't over engineer this simple job with image recognition... big brother is enough, he don't need competition Grin
Thank you for your comment.
I thought I would try using image recognition because it is easy to set up with the mouse automation software, which I always use to skim my work.
I was just wondering if there is a better way since the response time is not so good.
Can you tell me specifically about that application?

joytokey for example.
Thank you for the introduction.
I will study it once and consider how to operate standard events such as FCS, DROP, etc. without shortcut key settings with one key from the keyboard.
It would be great if you could tell me how easy it is.
I always use the automatic software for my mouse.
Artisan's standard event buttons with shortcut keys.
I tried to make it work.
The software you introduced seemed to set the mouse in the coordinate axis, so I thought it would be necessary to reconfigure soft if the button layout was changed (or added), so I used the image recognition function.
(renatoa will scold me again...)
I succeeded in pushing the button with the shortcut even if the window position was changed, so I took a video of the operation and uploaded it here.

I am looking forward to the 12-key macro keyboard coming from aliexpress.

Edited by Yasu on 10/22/2022 8:23 PM
Nope, just wondering why you need Artisan with the degree of complexity of your setup... Shock
My approach was from the beginning to not use a computer for roasting, electronics does everything more accurate, better and, in real time, at least for me.
Artisan can introduce delays even of 5 seconds and also, the most unforgivable, alters the original data. Just try to log the exact data that is sent by the process to the computer, then compare with data logged by Artisan, and judge yourself.
For most it works this way, not for my pickiness Grin
I was scolded again.
The system was designed with the assumption that Artisan would be used to control the entire roasting machine, so I have no choice but to leave it as it is.
I have changed the sampling timer from 5s to 1s, so I don't feel any difference in time lag.
The temperature difference between the temperature regulator and the PC is also not a problem as long as the sampling time is changed to 1 second.
(I felt the difference when the sampling time was set to 5s)
However, when the sampling time is shortened, the memory of the writing destination has a life time of the number of writing times when the memory of the writing destination is non-volatile memory when writing the setting from PC to the temperature regulator.
FUJI's new temperature controllers use memory other than non-volatile memory for writing external SV values, so there seems to be no problem.
Perhaps this type of setup may work for you.
Thank you CK.
I was able to understand the first half of this page.
I was frustrated because I did not understand the following.

For those that decide to try this....look for a "Multi-Event" in the Stream Deck software. The first event is the Option-B followed by a Text action with the number of the event.

I ended up using image recognition to move the mouse and macro key operations.

In the meantime, we can now input a series of events without touching the mouse.

(I'm still working on it and modifying it, so the wiring is complicated and embarrassing, but I've uploaded the video.)
Edited by Yasu on 10/31/2022 6:44 AM
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