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Artisan newbie with SR800
So I have added a couple of Phidget connected thermocouples to my SR800 and I have Artisan set up and connected to them, all is working well there. I have done a couple of roasts and am trying to wrap my head around how to manage remembering to click the event buttons on the laptop when things happen, etc. Needless to say, I have screwed up and either forgotten to click buttons, or clicked them late etc.
Is it easy to fix this and add/edit/delete events in the profile? As noted, complete newbie here and I couldn't find any direct info on this type of data modification. I may not know enough to know what to look for Grin
e.g. I have 2 sliders set up to record when I change the fan or heat, but I moved them almost 30 seconds after actually doing the change on the SR800.
I can see the data and modify the time of the event, but assume that would also change the time of the BT and ET temp readings?
Do I delete the slider entries from each time event and then add a new one with only the slider event?
Retired, newbie roaster, long time coffee lover, with Phidget connected thermocouples in SR800
Hopefully you have found a solution to the issue?
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You can contact user Yasu, he told us in this thread:https://homeroast...ad_id=6802
...about his highly unusual way of Artisan interaction, using image recognition.

You can approach similarly your task: image recognition for SR800 state changes, that command events recording in Artisan.
Hello Microfiche!
Did you solve the problem?

I had the same problem as well.
When you are roasting, you are really busy.
I watch the temperature of the beans, change the fan speed, turn the heater on high, turn it on low, my wife talks to me when I'm doing that, and...
I forget to click artisan, etc.

I may be able to help if I know how.

I think there are three ways to do this. One is to have the artisan control the heaters and fans.
Then artisan will automatically record the operation.

The second is to challenge Artisan to control the roaster by placing a button right next to the roaster.
If you can use Artisan's shortcut keys (if the operation is in the settings), you may be able to do it easily.
Maybe just pull the keyboard up next to the roaster, or

Third, I think there is a way to make artisan recognize that you have operated the fan or heater (specifically, using artisan's alarm function Or, attach an ammeter to the heater and fan of the roasting machine and have artisan capture and record the valuesIt  It is a bit pricey and requires Artisan v2.8.2, but it may be easier with Yocto-Watt or similar.) 

If Microfiche could share with us your artisan screen and how you use the sliders, we may be able to find something to help you.

Thank you in advance.
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For more information on the shortcut keys for the second method, see

If the slider is implemented with events, you can use the keyboard to move the slider by entering a numerical value after q, w, e, and r.

The following is an explanation of how to use the shortcut keys in Artisan.

Quick Special Event Entry. The keys q,w,e, and r correspond to special events 1,2,3 and 4. A two digit numeric value must follow the shortcut letter, e.g. 'q75', when the correspoding event slider max value is 100 or less (default setting). When the slider max value is greater than 100, three digits must be entered and for values less that 100 a leading zero is required, e.g. 'q075'.

If you can do this, you can use a programmable keyboard (about $25 at aliexpress) for one-touch input.
I use sayodevice 12 key type.

If you can do this, you can set the programmable keyboard after the fan and heater operation.
(fan = 5), etc., would move the slider to the 5 position with a single touch, so there would be no need to rework the logger data later.
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