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Replacement Solenoid for Bean Eject
Hi There

New forum member here.

I am based in the UK and have an original Hottop roaster, bought from new… maybe twenty years ago? A very long time anyway.

I have been doing weekly roasts on it all of these years and something has finally failed. I think the solenoid has given up.

Does anyone know a part number and supplier for a replacement solenoid that will work... in the UK or Europe would be truly excellent, but US would work. If not, a specification for the solenoid that I could use to chase down a replacement, maybe?

I have contacted the US distributor and the manufacturer in Taiwan who have both been really helpful, but an original replacement part would cost me $150 to get hold of. I'm hoping for a slightly cheaper solution than that.

At the moment, I am using the roaster without the cover and manually dumping the beans using a pair of pliers - not ideal!

Thanks in advance for any help

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