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trouble downloading software
I was wondering if anyone knows a direct link to 7 zip at Source Forge and the link to Mastech MS6514 driver.

My laptop which is a Lenovo IdeaPad S340 does not have a CD/DVD rom built-in. So I bought an external CD/DVD player to download the driver (Disc) that came with the MS 6514 unit. Being as, My device Manager does not have a CD/DVD driver, I can't even do that!

So, I am stuck.

Downloading it seems easier. I went to Mastech's website, I read somewhere I need the 7 zip to open the download. I am so confused !!

I am trying to use the MS6514 with the Artisan software. But, unfortunately I need the driver for the MS6514 first....

If anyone has the links or any insight with what I am trying to do . Please, I need HELP... Thanks
MS6514 driver is actually the driver of the chip handling USB communication, the CP2102:
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