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ESP32 TC4 Popcorn Popper
Posted about this today at Home Barista, but posting here too.

Using an old Popcorn Pumper, with Artisan running on a macbook, and an ESP32 with a TC4 to read Bean and Env Temps.
Using PID function in Artisan to control the roasts. Artisan sends burner level commands to the ESP32.
ESP32 controls a Crydom SSR for heater power with a PWM output.
Wireless setup with Bluetooth interface between mac and ESP32. Just have to plug in power.

There is a dimmer is to manually control fan power.

All the project Info with a link to ESP32 software code is here:
My ESP32 code is based on stuff I found, but I also had to add some things I haven't seen, like using the ESP32's native PWM output.

Attached plot from this morning's roast, 160 grams start weight of an Eth Yirg green from Klatch
randytsuch attached the following image:
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