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Another Hi from the US
Hi from Salt Lake City!
I started roasting in December on a Larry Cotton wobble disk roaster.
I can do 450g of yummy on it, though i usually do 400g since they fit perfectly into a ball pint mason jar.
Due to the smoke, chaff and wife I have to roast outside which let me to add some ceramic fiber insulation and a lid to that little roaster.
That helped alot and as long as it is not crazy windy I can get to FC in 8-10 minutes.
I use an adjustable heatgun, though it was cheap and is hard to adjust but it still helps in getting the temperature down.

However I am happy with the roaster and especially the results, but I want a few things to change and build a new roaster.
The main goals for the new roaster are:
1. 1kg batch size
2. Temperature control and the ability to add a TC4 at some point (I want to know whats happening, record roast curves and get reproducability), thinking of 2 probes, bean temperature and in temperature, since there won't be an exhaust really
3. Collect chaff
4. Be insulated and as independent of outside temp as much as possible.
5. have a pit door to let beans come out into a cooling colander
6. have a bean inlet into RC which I also want to use for listening to cracks (since the roaster is insulated) and if lucky even to look at the roast
7. At some point i want to install a pyrex window and an oven light to see whats happening inside

I looked at the TurboOven builds and really like those for the internal re-circulation of air, simplicity and batch size.
However I don't want to mess with the thermostat and other mods to it.
What I am looking at right now is the following:
1. Round bottom chamber with stirrer for bean agitation, melting dome on top of that to finalize the roast chamber
2. Wholes on one side to get chaff out into glass for collection ( might require a fan for some sucking power if internal air flow in RC is too low)
3.a) I have an old air fryer with a stove-top-coil that I am thinking of reusing. Putting the coil on a fan/router speed controller to adjust temperature and reuse the fan for internal air circulation.
3.b) Alternatively I can use a heat gun for hot air and hopefully it will provide enough air flow for internal air circulation. This would require me to recirculate the air from the chaff exit to the heat gun with an adjustable mixture of fresh air to come in at around 40 C (that would need another thermocouple)
4. RC will have a cutout on the bottom that I can pull out to let beans fall into the cooler below, the agitator will hopefully get all the beans out and into the cooler, might need some help by tilting the roast chamber
5. At some point it would be nice to see the beans again so when i have time I would add a pyrex glass on the top part of the roaster with an oven light, but that would be the last thing.
6. I really miss 240V that I had in Europe. The whole thing would depend highly on being well insulated, pre heated and well closed to be able to get 1kg to the right temperature.

Generally I want to ask if the coil from the air fryer is better/worse than the halogen in a turbo oven?
Is it too optimistic to try to go for 1kg batch size?
krampe attached the following image:
Adding a second image didn't work, here the whole setup (it hinges so i can drop the beans easily)
krampe attached the following images:
pxl_20230102_191445788_small.jpg pxl_20230102_191445788_small_1.jpg
For the larger capacity might this work for the screen?
1/2 lb and 1 lb drum, Siemens Sirocco fluidbed, presspot, chemex, cajun biggin brewer from the backwoods of Louisiana
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