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welcome cup, Ed K

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How I rescue my ‘ruined’ coffee beans after Behmor Err7
I would guess that every Behmor owner has experienced the dreaded Err7 at one time or another. The general assumption is that the roast is ruined, and the beans go in the garbage.

After more than several “ruined” roasts due to the Err7 since I started roasting, I began to wonder if the ruined beans could somehow be rescued and produce at least acceptable coffee. I have tried to finish the roast after getting the Err7 in various ways: finishing the roast with a cast iron frying pan, using my gas bbq, and others, with horrible results.

After getting the dreaded Err7 on my last full 330 gram charge of beans, I stored them sealed in a quart mason jar as I thought about what I might do differently to roast those beans to completion. I came up with the method in the next paragraph which produced more than acceptable results for me. The coffee is a touch more bitter than when normally roasted, but still very acceptable. Your mileage may vary.

Place the under roasted beans back in the Behmor roasting drum. Using either a warming drawer or an oven with the temperature set to 180 deg F, reheat the beans in the Behmor drum until uniformly up to temperature (an hour or little more). When ready to roast, preheat the Behmor (1/4 lb setting until remaining time is 5 minutes is what I use). Turn off the Behmor and load the preheated beans into the Behmor. Begin manual roasting (in my case, 1lb, P5, fast drum). Upon 1st crack, finish roasting using ¾ of the time for your normal process to complete the roast. For me, this means, pressing C at 1st crack (start of steady popping) and roasting for another 45 seconds before pulling the beans and cooling them as quickly as I can.

Here are a couple of pictures of some Ethiopia Gedeb Worka Wuri that I used this process on. 1st picture is the recovery roasted beans. 2nd is normally roasted beans. It’s interesting how the bean uniformity is much better on the recovered beans than the normally roasted ones. Once they’ve off gassed, the aroma is amazing and the coffee closely matches normally roasted coffee except for just a hint of increased bitterness which goes away after a sip or two. I have successfully used this process a couple of times now and will continue with it as needed. If you try this, hopefully, you are as pleased with the results as I am.

Note: I'm unable to post pictures for some reason. I'll try to work through this and post an update.
Behmor 1600 Roaster
Welcome !

What is the reason of Err7, actually ?

So a two steps, delayed roast... is used commercially also, but controlled, and not result of an error.
Nestle has such machine/process, the drying is performed at the factory, then bags labelled with a QR code are sent to coffee shops, where their own hot air machines are performing the browning phase of the roast.
Is just another vision of "fresh roasted beans", on user demand, without the heavy gear, trained personnel requirements, and all the hassle associated with a shop small batch roastery.

Is done also by some artisanal bakeries, that delivers half baked breads, that only requires 10 minutes of oven at home, to have fresh bread smelling the whole house as every day is Christmas.
For the Behmor roaster Err7 happens when the unattended safety feature kicks in. The machine makes this happen roughly 3/4 of the way through a roast timing wise. There is a 30 second countdown timer that appears on the display and the user must press the Start button before the timer expires. If the timer expires, the machine goes into cool down mode. The machine can not be restarted for some period of time. So, the roast is over - period.

Interesting information about the commercial two step delayed roast process. I never heard of it before.

Thanks, Lou
Behmor 1600 Roaster
Below is a link to that Nestle approach, called Roastelier:
Thanks! That is very interesting.
Behmor 1600 Roaster
oldboy attached the following image:

Behmor 1600 Roaster
Behmor 1600 Roaster
not having much success with second picture... But it's the same as my avatar
Behmor 1600 Roaster
Last try... Ok, that didn't work. File meets all the requirements in FAQ, but doesn't post.
Behmor 1600 Roaster


oldboy wrote:

Last try... Ok, that didn't work. File meets all the requirements in FAQ, but doesn't post.

I found that if I removed personal info it would not allow me to post it.
Did not dig to see what I could remove and still post it, just left them as is and met the size.
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