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Roast Color Meter - On Demand
The DIY roast color meter from this thread https://homeroast...ad_id=6914 has been refined. I'm now building these units on demand for anyone else that is interested.
CK attached the following image:

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Operation of the roast meter from this thread https://homeroast...ad_id=6914. It now has a reference scale attached to the base and displays the roast level description with the Agtron-based number.

Alternatively, I also make homeroaster versions of this type of meter and readout, all calibrated to the same standards.

Edited by CK on 04/28/2024 10:11 PM
Images of the new homeroaster meter.
CK attached the following images:
homeroaster_meter_4.png homeroaster_meter_1_1.png

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