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Roasting 1 Pound On a Modified Popper
SO this is the little popper, I just put some insulation on it and will try it out this weekend.
I roasted two 1 pound batches already at 15:30 min (Just on the Dark side of Medium) without insulation, hope to drop that time a bit more.

Green beans are 5.5 inches sitting in the chamber and are moving at 6.5 inches at start of the roast..
HarryDog attached the following image:
I just completed a roast with the insulated roaster. Had some trouble trying to use the phone to grab some video and Roast with a very different heat response.

Need to work on the fan speed a bit as I dropped the fan speed a bit low a couple of times and was not watching the temp close enough. I actually moved the temp up when I should have dropped it during the flick.

So I have video but I made a cut in the You tube editor and it's been processing for hours.

The beans take up 5.5 inches sitting in the chamber, when moving is 6.5 inches and 11.5 inches when the roast is done.

Will add the video when possible.
I added a pic of the roasted beans and Artisan results.
HarryDog attached the following images:
454g-roast.jpg 20230721_223541.jpg
Finally done, this is it in action.

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