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Apwollo 11 roaster build
Worked on the burner because it was interfering with the bean temp measurements.
Details are found here: https://homeroast...post_77647

The limit of the roaster is at 1.2kg (16 min roast). However for roasting in colder temperatures in the winter now I am going with 2 800g(9-10min, probably 12 when below freezing) batch sizes which last for 7-8 days.

The fan died on me, which was partially my fault because I set a wrong parameter in the phidgets that causes the motor to be used as break when stopped. Disabled that and then next 8$ fan is going at it.

Also the temperature probe got replaced by an RTD (PT100).

Playing around with PID control now.
I wrote a simulator for artisan that let's me put in max ROR for burner, max ROR for air (negative PID control), turning point temp/time range, and temperature delay + temperature error range.
This really helps designing curves and testing the PID parameters.
I am glad I have that simulator, because without it I would have wasted a bunch of beans.
Still fine tuning is necessary on the real roster but I got it quite close and the resulting coffee is drinkable.
My biggest problem was that the RTD is 20F lower than the thermocouple before and I didn't adjust the PID curve for it.
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Pid adjusting is difficult. Why not adjust the temprature up 20 degrees?
yeah I already adjusted down by 20F.
just trying to mitigate the oscillation at this point.
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