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Exploring Coffee Photography Locations in (and around) Cambridge, MA - Seeking Recommendations
Hi all,

I'm excited to share that I've recently purchased a dedicated (non-iPhone!) camera (Sony Alpha 7SIII) and have been exploring the world of video and photography, specifically focusing on coffee-related subjects. I've been capturing photos of espresso extraction and roasting at home, but I'm excited to branch out and photograph local roasteries and coffee shops in and around the Cambridge, MA area.

My goal is to specialize in coffee photography and showcase the vibrant coffee culture in and around our community (direct and indirect stakeholders). I'd love to connect with local coffee enthusiasts, roasters, and cafe owners who might be willing to let me take photos of their establishments, equipment, etc. I'd super love to photograph home espresso and home roasters home setups as well (anyone here interested)?

If you have any recommendations or connections to nearby locations, I'd greatly appreciate your input! I'm also happy to share my photos with the owners and individuals who allow me to take pictures, as a way of showcasing their hard work and dedication to the coffee world!!!! smile

Personally, I'm looking to host these photos on my newly created Instagram account with hopes of one day making a photo book, series, etc.


Thank you in advance for your help and support!

Sincere apologies if this comes off as self promotion. I totally understand and am fine with mods deleting this post.


If you don't sell some variation of coffee "oil" Grin... no problem smile

Just notice that instagram in Europe is no more the best way to promote something, imo...
Their free/ads solution to comply with EU policies determined many people to stop using instagram. Like me, for example smile
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