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DRUMTC guy is back
After being locked out I finally sorted a new password. I left a few cumbs on this user group and have since roasted about 145lbs in a variant of what I call DRUMTC an offshoot of my earlier SCTO roasting I found limited to about 200g. My objective on DRUMTC 1.0 was to roast net 1lb+ batches and it did this fine. Evolved to DRUMTC3 and back to 2.0 then I I riveted a stainless closet pole holder on the end of the drum so I could monitor the bean bed. This branch ended at DRUMTC 2.5 a double insulated Stainless steel bowl assembly with a Turbo Convection heat source. REF

I roasted allot of great coffee with only ears eyes mind nose and watch out of 150lbs I only lost one batch and had one marginal roast/bean. I typically roasted 2lbs / week in 30 minutes including set up and storage very consistent if roasting the same bean back to back I could walk away and finish two Identical batches based on settings and times.

Gen 2 objective is DRUMTC 1234 theoretically will roast 1234g based on claims made by the RKDRUM 2lbs. TBD. So far I have done several 600g shake downs and two 1100g roast. The learning curve is a bit steeper but this one will enable me to do roasting for the week in less than 15 minutes. Many Videos posted on youtube are little more than digital notes to myself. Enjoy! Keep roasting!
Koffee Kosmo
Welcome back and thanks for the update
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